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The bigger brother of the EC8, the EC10 has more power and a larger speaker. It offers the perfect balance, combining 50W of power and 3-band EQ control that gives players the freedom to explore different tones.

The EC10 offers higher power in a convenient package, ideal for home use and smaller practices.


  • Lightweight and convenient
  • Enhance control
  • 3-Band EQ: Treble, Mid & Bass Controls
  • Stereo media input for playing along
  • Headphone output for silent practice
Power Handling: 50W
Speaker Config: 1 x 10"
EQ Control: 3-band EQ & Enhance Controls
Dimensions: H: 15.55 in / 39.5 cm
W: 13 in / 32.9 cm
D: 12.52 in / 31.8 cm
Weight: 24.2 lbs / 11 kgs


Designed by Eden, this speaker is made specifically for Eden cabinets.  The EC10 features a versatile 10" driver.


Instrument Input

Plug your active or passive bass in here using a 1/4" jack.

Gain Control

Regulates the first gain stage of the preampifier.

Bass Control

Set at 12 o'clock this EQ provides a perfect flat bass EQ. Setting to the left will reduce the lower frequencies while turning to the right will increase the lower frequencies.

Mid Control

Connect your amp speaker output here or connect to another cabinet.  Can be used in combination with the 1/4 inch speaker jacks as well.

Treble Control

Set at 12 O’clock this EQ provides a perfect flat High EQ setting turning to the left will reduce the high frequencies while turning to the right increases the high frequencies.

Master Volume Control

Controls the overall volume of your amplifier.


Stereo Media Input

Connect your phone, MP3 player or other device here.

Tuner Output

Send your signal to an external tuner.

Send/Return Jacks

Send/return your signal to use external effects.


Plug in your headphones here for silent practice.

Eden EC10 ampli de basse

  • Marque: Eden
  • Modèle: Eden EC10
  • Disponibilité: 1
  • 269,99$
  • 239,99$

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